jeudi 23 juin 2011

WATER MILL [Night Club]

Night Club – Taille du terrain : 30 x 20

Post Scriptum :
Remerciements à tous les créateurs pour leur contribution active à la réalisation de ce projet. Thanks to all creators for their active contribution to this project.

Assurez vous d’avoir téléchargé au préalable les objets spéciaux pour que le Water Mill soient à l’identique des photos.

CC [free] :

TSR –Waterwheel by MsBarrows : click here

Luna Sims Lulamai - Mercadillo Set and pattern : click here and here

TSR - Crop wheat by Apple : click here

TSR – Donckeys by Rebecah : click here


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  1. I downloaded your night club and it looks very lovely, thank you. Only, the water basin that you placed outside is not there in my game. Is it custom content? If so, where did you get it from?

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Kim,
    Thank you to downloaded my lot ;-)
    The water bassin is downloaded with the city Riverview (there are several farm objects included)in theory.
    Sims-Initiative (Ange)