mercredi 30 juin 2010


Lot Résidentiel – Taille du terrain : 40 x 30 – Prix meublé : 309 657 §

Post Scriptum : Remerciements à tous les designers pour leur contribution active à la réalisation de ce projet. Thanks to all designers for their active contribution to the projects.

Assurez vous d’avoir téléchargé au préalable les objets spéciaux pour que Audubon House soit à l’identique des photos.


TSR – Grand Piano and Toys [Jeffoery and Panda Bear] by Lisa9999 : click here and here and here

TSR - SYL Nostalgic Toys Set and SYL Lazy Summer Set [Hammock] by eryt96: click here and here

TSR - Tilsia Box full of baby stuff by Muske : click here

TSR - Finding Grace DRESSER by Simscredible : click here

TSR – Laundry-Stuff by Sasilia : click here

TSR - Verdi Office [Coat Rack only] by Deluxe Designs : click here

TSR - Orinoko Dining [cabinet] by Gosik : click here

TSR - Sidewalk Matching Terrain Paint by BlackGarden : click here

Sims Control – Office Leon Set [Desk] and Newport Set by Pilar : click here

MK Sims 3 – Bedroom Object [Toilets Jug] : click here

MK Sims 3 – Nurcery Objects [horse] : click here

Litsims3stuff – Nurcery Objects [Board only] : click here

Desdren – Breuer living Room [Mirror only] and Spring Set [Jug of lemonade only] – click here and here

Desdren – Dolce Vita Set [Dining Chairs] and Christmas Set – click here and here

Vitasims3 – Valentines Bedroom Set [Mirror only] and French Romance Kitchen [clutters only] by MK : click here and here


Infusorian Blog – Pan conversion : click here

Lunasimslulamai –Bano Set and Melancolica Set [Dishes] by Luna : click here and here

Sugichaco Blog – Clock Wall and LightWall : click here

MTS – Toys [Train / Letterblocks] by lemoncandy : click here

Cherryblossom Sims - Bath Storage Set [cabinet and clutter] by pocci : click here

MTS - 1950 Ford F1 Pick-Up Truck : click here

Simnational - Decorative Harp by Xerendipity : Site deleted

Einfach Simlisch - City Build Set [WINDOWS] : click here


Earth Day [Plants] et Horloge Generation : click here and here


Collection 3 animaux : click here

Lampe à Pétrole murale Victorienne : click here

Sims-Initiative Paintings : All Paintings behind (see my blog)


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  1. Harp doesn't seem to be available anymore *cries*